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Congratulations and welcome to The Bariatric Center at Palisade Plastic Surgery, where you and your complete health are our number one priority. Gastric surgery is an important and life-changing procedure, one which optimally requires a long term team approach. Weight loss surgery should not just focus on the “loss of weight”.  Unfortunately, overweight malnutrition can easily be replaced by normal weight malnutrition if there is no comprehensive plan in place for how to treat obesity with surgery. Likewise, post-weight loss treatment of excess skin and sagging tissue must be part of the plan from the very start of this journey. This new life-style change will not only positively affect your image, but also most importantly improve your health and well-being.

We are honored that you have entrusted us with helping guide you step by step throughout your new journey from NOW to WOW!

Our team at Palisade Bariatric can provide you with everything you need to ensure safe and progressive care throughout your entire surgical experience and beyond.