Mini Tummy Tuck at Palisade

NJ Tummy Tuck Mini | New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Palisade Plastic Surgery Associates in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is here to serve you and your plastic surgery needs. Offering a partial abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, is just one of the ways we can help you achieve your goals. A partial abdominoplasty is similar to a traditional abdominoplasty, but involves a shorter incision and does not move the navel.

Wanting Fuller Lips? See if Lip Augmentation is for You!

New Jersey Lip Augmentation | NJ Cosmetic Surgeon

Palisade Plastic Surgery is a leader in performing plastic surgery procedures in the New Jersey area. Cosmetic surgical procedures such as lip augmentation, which increases the size of the upper or lower lip, or both, to achieve larger, fuller lips, offer patients the opportunity to gain self-confidence and feel their best with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

NJ Body Contouring | New Jersey Cosmetic Surgeon

There are many benefits of weight loss, achieved through either diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. Not only do people tend to have more energy after weight loss, but their overall health improves and they are at a reduced risk for weight-related health conditions. One of the less attractive consequences of weight loss, however, is loose, hanging skin. This is caused by skin stretching from excess weight, combined with loss in elasticity of the dermis in the skin from so many years of poor nutrition and poor hydration.

New Jersey Hair Restoration | NJ Plastic Surgery

Palisade Plastic Surgery has always brought the most technologically advanced procedures to our patients. We continue to do this through NeoGraft, a new, FDA-approved, European medical device that offers the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation for men and women. This new breakthrough in hair loss surgery reduces the recovery time of hair restoration surgery while making it affordable so more people can take advantage of its many benefits.

Blepharoplasty NJ | New Jersey Eyelid Surgery

Not only do your eyes tell you a lot about the world but they tell the world a lot about you. Think of expressions like "the eyes are the windows to the soul" or "look you in the eye"or "see with your own eyes" and so many more. With all the information our eyes are receiving and expressing they're a fundamental connection to our lives and our world. Eyelids frame the eyes and are susceptible to loose, excess, or sagging skin as well as bags and puffiness. If time and other factors have left you with a less than optimal outlook, Blepharoplasty may worth considering.

BOTOX Cosmetic & Dysport

NJ Skin Treatments | Bergen County Cosmetic Surgeon

When you look into the mirror are you noticing more wrinkles than you can appreciate? Are you finding the unwanted crow's feet in your Orbicularis Oculi (muscle surrounding your eyes) and/or the frustrating lines in the glabella (frown lines between your eyebrows)? As we age there are many un-pleasantries that accompany are wiser selves. You can blame it on the cellular changes that occur as we age, the reduction of collagen lost over the years, damage caused by free radicals from sun exposure or the environment, stress accumulated throughout the years or not drinking enough of that precious H2O.

Scarless Umbilical Hernia Repair

NJ Hernia Repair | New Jersey Plastic Surgeons

Do you suffer from umbilical hernias? We can help. Umbilical hernias form when the inner lining of the stomach or intestine pushes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall and creates a pouch or sack near the navel. An umbilical hernia is most common in infants and young children but they can also affect adults.

Abdominoplasty Procedure

New Jersey Abdominoplasty | NJ Tummy Tuck

Of all the procedures done by the surgeons at Palisade Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the most commonly performed operations is Abdominoplasty, or a "tummy tuck". In fact, Dr. Rosenberg has personally performed over 2,000 of these cases over the years, and he is personally committed to giving women back their youthful and attractive bodies following pregnancy and childbirth, weight fluctuations and the passage of time. The name "Tummy Tuck" is a bit deceiving because this operation is not just about the Tummy. As Dr. Rosenberg always says, "a well done Abdominoplasty begins in the armpits and ends at the thighs". It is about curves and contours in the waist, the area around the belly button, the hips, the pubic mound, the area beneath the breast fold and so much more!

Labiaplasty at Palisade Plastic Surgery

NJ Labiaplasty | Top Plastic Surgeons in New Jersey

The way your body looks, inside and out, can affect how you feel. If you're one of many women who suffers from enlarged, thick, or uneven labia minora, or genital lips, that extend beyond the labia majora and cause irritation, pain, or other issues, Palisade Plastic Surgery can help. We provide the best Labiaplasty procedure in the New Jersey area and guarantee you'll love the look of your transformed labia.

Gynecomastia – Male Cosmetic Procedure

New Jersey Gynecomastia | NJ Best Plastic Surgeon

Palisades Plastic Surgery is committed to giving our customers the look they desire. Our customer base encompasses women and men who have the desire to gain the self-confidence they seek. If you are a man who wants the body you deserve, we can help you. From stretch marks to gynecomastia, we're certified to perform nearly any male cosmetic procedures you need.