Plastic Surgery Finance Options

NJ Financing Options | New Jersey Plastic Surgeons

Our clients need plastic or reconstructive surgery to regain their lives and self-esteem, but many cannot afford the cost of procedures on their own. Our commitment to our clients is to provide exceptional service in all aspects of our business, so we are offering different financing options to assist them.

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The first option is to apply for a CareCredit® card. CareCredit® is a credit card service usable only for health care services not covered by insurance. Once you have this card, you may qualify for special financing at Palisade Plastic Surgery. If you have been approved for a CareCredit® card, contact us when you are ready for your plastic or reconstructive surgical procedure and let us know you will be using the card. We will work out special financing that may be available at that time. Once the procedure is complete, make regular payments on the card as you would with any line of credit.

Another option to help our clients is our partnership with Prosper Healthcare Financing. We don’t want any client to be denied service due to lack of funds. Clients can apply for credit with Prosper Healthcare Financing to obtain the funds they need for their procedure. Clients will need to fill out a questionnaire which will be used to determine an interest rate for their loan. Once the client determines the amount of money needed, they will have a choice of repayment periods and will need to choose their preferred repayment schedule. The funds will be deposited in their account and they can pay for their procedure at Palisade Plastic Surgery.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery not only saves lives, it can restore the confidence of someone who has a need for this surgical option. If you need plastic or reconstructive surgery and worry about how to pay for it if your insurance won’t, contact Palisade Plastic Surgery today and discuss your needs with us. Don’t hesitate or delay getting the quality of your life back; contact Palisade Plastic Surgery and let us help.