NJ Weight Loss Surgery

So now you fast forward to a year or two from the time of your weight loss surgery. Imagine you have lost 100 or 150 or even 200 pounds and you are no longer struggling with the excess weight and you have been playing by the rules. You perform some physical activity daily, whether it be walking, bike riding, swimming, whatever.

You are feeling better and certainly looking better in clothes.

Now it is time to get your body back—Here’s where the close collaboration between key team members, the Bariatric Surgeons and Plastic surgeons come into play. Careful planning before your bariatric surgery enables better future reconstructive results. This, of course, includes fitness training and muscle strengthening as a scaffold upon which to reshape your contour.

Here are a few of the many procedures we offer to reshape your body:

Panniculectomy- This procedure removes excess hanging skin from your lower abdomen

Abdominoplasty- In this procedure, skin excess and abdominal wall laxity are addressed.

Power Assisted Liposuction- Even after significant weight loss, there may still be areas of fat deposits that are resistant to change. Liposuction is the perfect technique to contour the body and removed unwanted isolated areas of fat. Usually, this fat is found in the abdomen, flanks, chest wall, breast area, back, and other areas. Often this fat is processed in a sterile manner and prepared for reinsertion as a “fat graft” into certain areas such as the buttocks to restore fullness and firmness which may have been lost in the weight loss process.

Body Lift- This procedure addresses skin excess that encircles your entire body. It consists of a circumferential skin removal and is therefore also called a “belt lipectomy”. Here too, the abdominal wall is tightened and liposuction may be considered.

Thigh Lift- Hanging skin in the inner thighs is often of great concern to patients following massive weight loss. We use several techniques to address the skin laxity and excess of the inner thigh, including skin excision, liposuction and radio frequency-assisted skin tightening

Breast Lift and Reconstruction— Loss of breast volume in women following massive weight loss usually occurs because so much of a woman’s breast is fatty tissue and when this is lost, the breasts sag. Another reason for breast atrophy is a consequence of years of malnutrition resulting in poor quality of breast gland tissue. Restoration of volume and tightening of the breast skin is a key procedure in reshaping the body of a woman following bariatric surgery. It usually consists of placement of a breast prosthesis (cohesive silicone gel implant) and simultaneous breast lift (mastopexy). This procedure presents a wonderful opportunity to tighten the loose skin in the underarm region and lateral chest wall while firming up and breast itself and restoring its volume.

Gynecomastia Treatment– Men who suffer from morbid obesity often develop breasts similar to women, partly due to expansion in size and number of fat cells normally found in men and partly due to hormonal aberrations. We treat this condition with a combination of procedures which may include a special type of liposuction with can remove fat, breast tissue and ductal tissue through inconspicuous scars. We also perform skin tightening with a radio frequency device that can shrink the dermis of the breast skin.

Arm Reduction- This condition, also known as “bat wings” can be addressed through minimally visible scars and liposuction and also by direct excision of skin and fat. Our training staff will work with you to strengthen your upper arm muscles before and after undergoing arm reduction (brachioplasty) to optimize your result. In open procedures, we strategically place incisions as far posterior (toward the back of your arm) so that the unsightly scars often seen after careless surgical planning does not occur.

Facelift- Skin laxity in the face is often a part of weight loss, even in patients with a normal weight profile. And, of course, aging contributes to this condition.  A facelift combined with a necklift will restore a youthful appearance to the face and this completes the whole picture of a healthy and vibrant individual, which is our goal.

Facial Fillers- We use a full array of facial fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Sculptra, Voluma, Autologus fat, and more. The right choice of agent restores volume where it is needed most, and may treat fine lines and wrinkles of the face and even deep grooves.

Skin Tightening- We use a radio frequency device which shortens collagen bundles in the dermis and helps shrink the skin. This is an outpatient procedure and takes approximately 30 minutes per treatment. We also use a technique at the time of liposuction which permits skin tightening and contraction as well. This is especially impressive on the lateral chest wall and arms. We encourage you to check out our before and after photographs to see for yourself how impressive some of these results can be!

Hernia Repairs- Abdominal obesity can often result in abdominal and groin hernias due to the excessive tension from within the abdominal cavity outward upon the abdominal wall. Also, any previous surgery of the abdomen can predispose a patient to hernias in the area of the previous scar. We specialize in the treatment of umbilical (belly button) hernias, ventral hernias and groin hernias associated with morbid obesity and massive weight loss. The repair of these hernias can usually be performed at the same surgical setting as a body lift or NJ Abdominoplasty. We also repair these hernias with minimal or no visible external scarring and we only use mesh when absolutely necessary.


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