ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon

NJ OrberaThe Orbera™ gastric balloon system is internationally recognized as a market leader in gastric reduction devices. The device is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for weight loss. Your Orbera™ weight loss program consists of temporary placement of a soft, surgical-grade balloon inside the stomach using an endoscope. A fluid tube is inserted that permits the balloon to be filled with sterile saline (salt water) solution. The balloon remains in the stomach for up to six months, then is removed. Minimal anesthesia is used, and recovery time is short.

Along with the balloon, it is important for a patient to receive nutrition and physical activity counseling. Since the balloon is a temporary measure to reduce the internal stomach volume, thereby allowing a patient to eat less and feel full, a diet and activity program must continue after the balloon is removed, or the weight loss will not be sustained. A patient must be willing to work with the specialists assisting in the long-term program to manage their diet and exercise. The balloon cannot remain in the stomach for longer than six months, due to possible complications such as bowel obstruction that can be life-threatening.

The Orbera™ intragastric balloon is intended for patients with body mass index (BMI) of between 30 and 40. Patients who have higher BMI values may not be a good candidate for a temporary weight loss program such as Orbera™. A physical examination and patient history must be performed by our gastroenterologist, Dr. Ariy Volfson before the procedure. There may be medical issues that prohibit a patient from having the Orbera™ balloon inserted. Patients with a history of stomach problems or ulcers may not be suitable candidates for a balloon insertion, and discovery of ulcers or other issues during the endoscopic procedure may cause the surgeon to cancel the procedure. Side effects are possible after the balloon is implanted, and we will discuss specifics with you.

When you contact our office, we can advise you about the risks and benefits of the Orbera™ intragastric balloon. Financing may be available to assist you in the costs of the procedure, so you should ask us if you need financing options. We will discuss the need for you to remain on a 12-month program, with the Orbera™ device for the first six months along with diet and exercise planning, and then continuing another six months after the device is removed. Please discuss your medical history with our specialists, since there are some conditions that may prohibit the use of an intragastric device, and we need specific information to qualify you.

Please contact Palisade Plastic Surgery Associates at (201) 585-2388 to discuss the Orbera™ intragastric balloon procedure and arrange for a consultation with Dr. Volfson.