NJ Palisade Plastic Surgery Team

Dr. Paul Rosenberg, Team Leader,

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Paul Rosenberg MD, is the Medical Director of Palisade Plastic Surgery Associates, PC. He received his undergraduate degree as well as his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982 and 1986, respectively.

He trained in General Surgery at the North Shore-New York University Hospital in Manhasset, NY and subsequently trained in Plastic Surgery at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, in New York City. Dr. Rosenberg was Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1997 and re-certified in 2009.

Some time ago, Dr. Rosenberg recognized that a comprehensive team approach to solving obesity is the only way to truly “cure” this disease and restore a patient to full health. A patient who loses significant weight (regardless of the method) without also treating the crippling physical and self esteem consequences of morbid obesity will never be pleased when he/she looks in the mirror or looks within. Obesity is a disease that affects the mind, the body and the soul. Therefore, all of these must be addressed simultaneously. Before any surgery which might result in weight loss, a long-term plan must be put in place to address body contouring following that weight loss, as well as perioperative support including nutritional, psychological, spiritual and physical training.

Central to our approach is the concept that there must be a mentor/coach/advisor/motivator walking with you each step of the way until one day you can run again on your own. Obesity is not a condition  which occurs overnight and neither is the solution. Our overall program usually involves a 3-6 year plan starting with a comprehensive evaluation of your health and candidacy for surgery and ultimately involving you as a mentor and part of a support group for others who have decided to regain control over their lives.