NJ Mini Tummy Tuck | New Jersey Plastic Surgery

NJ Abdominoplasty, or traditional tummy tuck enhances the appearance of the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles for patients with pockets of fat or loose skin that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise, including those who have undergone weight loss surgery or women with stretched skin and muscles from pregnancy.

Partial abdominoplasty, or "mini tummy tuck", is similar to the regular NJ tummy tuck procedure, except it involves a shorter incision and the skin is only lifted to the navel, which is not moved.

Who needs a Mini Tummy Tuck?

The New Jersey mini tummy tuck procedure is an occasionally useful procedure to improve the appearance in the lower abdomen for patients who need just a small amount of skin tightening combined with liposuction in order to reach their desired results, such as those within 10% of their ideal body weight. It offers patients a few benefits over traditional abdominoplasty in select patients, including a shorter lower abdominal scar, slightly shorter recovery times and an overall less involved procedure. You can discuss the differences between these procedures, as well as weigh their benefits and risks with either Dr. Morin or Dr. Rosenberg during your NJ plastic surgery consultation to decide if this procedure is best for your body and your condition.

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 *Disclaimer: Surgical results are not guaranteed and vary greatly from patient to patient.