NJ Prosper Healthcare Lending | New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Palisade Plastic Surgery wants to make financing options as easy as possible. We are partnering with Prosper Healthcare Financing to help you obtain the funds for your personal plastic surgery decisions. No one should be denied the opportunity to improve themselves with plastic surgery due to a current lack of funds, so let’s see how Prosper Healthcare Financing can help.

The process to obtaining funds is easy:

  • Answer some questions click here . With this information we will approve you for an interest rate
  • Determine the repayment period you wish
  • Have your funds direct deposited into your account

This process is safe and secure, and the funds will be available promptly once you are approved. It only takes a few minutes. Some information we will need for processing your loan includes:

  • The amount of financing you need
  • Your current credit score
  • Personal information (name, address, telephone, date of birth)
  • Relationship to the patient
  • Employment information
  • An electronic consent to accept doing business electronically, accept a credit review, and receive privacy and banking practices information electronically

That’s all there is to it. Once you are approved, the funds will transfer automatically. Now you can contact Palisade Plastic Surgery with confidence, knowing you have funds available to help you through the process.

As New Jersey’s cosmetic surgeons, we can provide a wide range of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery options. Quality care and professional service is the cornerstone of our practice, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for your plastic surgery needs. Also check out financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending to get the funding you need. We look forward to serving you at Palisade Plastic Surgery.