ReShape Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

reshape weight loss procedure

The ReShape dual-balloon non-invasive weight loss program is designed for people who wish to receive a significant weight loss through a three-phase program. The ReShape system is only available with a prescription, and involves interacting with health care, nutrition, and exercise specialists during the program.

The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your health, weight loss goals, and willingness to participate in a year-long program to reduce your weight and moderate your diet. If your ReShape physician agrees that you are an acceptable candidate, you will begin receiving education about your lifestyle changes needed to be successful.

The second step is the implantation of the ReShape dual-balloon system. The system uses two connected medical-grade silicone balloons filled with sterile saline solution. The balloons are implanted in your stomach using an endoscopic procedure, then filled with the saline solution. The balloons remain in your stomach for no more than six months, then are removed using the endoscope. Minimal anesthesia is needed, and recovery is fast since no surgery is needed. The advantages of a dual-balloon system include:

  • Two balloons hold more saline than a single balloon, thereby offering a greater volume to exclude food and provide a sensation of fullness
  • The connected balloon system may be safer than a single balloon, with lower incidence of gastric obstruction
  • A dual-balloon configuration fits the shape of the stomach better than a single balloon

The third step in the ReShape program is ongoing eating and exercise counseling with professionals to keep you on track and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. This program continues until at least a year passes. You have access to the ReShape patient portal online to track your progress, log your weight loss, track eating, and document your activity level. You can access your portal from any smartphone or tablet, and can link your Fitbit® activity monitor to the app to help track your activity.

There are some restrictions to using the ReShape non-surgical weight loss program. Patients who have any prior weight loss surgery are not eligible. Patients need to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 30 and 40 to be eligible, and must be willing to participate in the ongoing counseling and lifestyle changes. Patients with a history of GI bleeding or prior surgeries cannot participate. You should discuss your prior history and any gastrointestinal issues with your ReShape physician prior to starting the process.

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