Brazilian Butt Lift

The modern attention to buttock size and shape has made buttock augmentation one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures performed. A butt lift procedure is designed to make the buttocks appear more projected and round in fullness. These results can be difficult to achieve with targeted gluteal exercises or diet requiring surgery to create the desired behind, with fat transfer the preferred method.

A comprehensive technique that accentuates the posterior silhouette by incorporating an aesthetic minded approach to fat harvest as well as precise contour reshaping with strategic fat injection are the staples of our approach. 

Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Pathak value safety at the forefront of all procedures, and when performing buttock augmentation a safe subcutaneous plane of injection is maintained to avoid the devastating complications reported from intramuscular injection. 

It is important to note that not all harvested fat actually survives and “takes” to the injected areas from the transfer process, so good post-op care to minimize further disturbances is critical. 

At your consultation our surgeons will determine your candidacy for autologous fat butt augmentation (“Brazilian Butt Lift”) based on your anatomy and goals. Come see us today.