Lip Silicone Removal

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Our surgeons have many years of experience with helping patients who present with deformities of the upper and lower lips (and other areas of the body) following injection of silicone. Using a novel technique developed by our very own Dr. Rosenberg, that allows access to the injected material and surrounding reactive scar tissue and facilitated removal of the substances with barely any visible evidence or external scar on the lip. If you have been suffering from the deforming effects of foreign material injection, schedule an appointment today with our surgeons to determine what options you may be indicated for you.


“Rediscover your natural beauty, embrace your genuine glow!”

Why would someone need lip silicone removal?

Lip silicone removal may be necessary for individuals who have experienced complications from previous silicone injections or implants. These complications can include migration, palpability, visibility, asymmetry, infection, inflammation, or dissatisfaction with the appearance or feel of the lips.

Can all types of lip silicone be removed?

Not all types of lip silicone can be effectively removed. Some silicone injections or implants may be more difficult to remove, particularly if they have migrated or integrated with surrounding tissues. It’s important to consult with a qualified surgeon experienced in lip silicone removal to determine the feasibility of removal in your specific case.

Will lip silicone removal completely restore the appearance of my lips?

Lip silicone removal aims to address complications or dissatisfaction resulting from previous silicone augmentation. While it can improve the appearance and correct some issues, the extent of restoration will depend on factors such as the amount and type of silicone injected and individual healing. Realistic expectations should be discussed with your surgeon.

Can lip silicone removal be combined with other procedures?

Yes, lip silicone removal can be combined with other procedures as needed. This may include lip augmentation with alternative materials, fat transfer, or other corrective measures to achieve the desired outcome. Your surgeon will recommend the most appropriate combination of procedures based on your specific needs.

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