Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is an excellent option for patients looking to significantly reduce unwanted hair growth. The laser employed is modified to target the pigment around any unwanted hair, damaging the follicle itself and drastically limiting that hair’s growth. While the procedure does not lead to complete or permanent hair loss, the dramatic reduction is so significant that most patients can stop shaving the area completely after a half-dozen treatments. Schedule a consultation today to discuss this and other laser procedures that potentially benefit you.


“Smooth. Confident. Unleashed. Embrace a life free from unwanted hair!”

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal can lead to long-term hair reduction, but it is not guaranteed to be permanent. It can significantly reduce hair growth, resulting in smoother skin for an extended period. However, some hair follicles may remain dormant or regenerate over time, necessitating occasional maintenance sessions to maintain the desired results.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be used on various body areas, including the face, underarms, arms, legs, bikini area, back, chest, and abdomen. It is versatile and can target both small and large treatment areas.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is generally considered safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional. The procedure has been extensively studied and approved by regulatory bodies. However, there are minor risks associated with the treatment, such as temporary skin redness, mild discomfort, and rare cases of skin blistering or changes in pigmentation. Choosing a reputable provider and following their pre and post-treatment instructions can minimize these risks.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The level of discomfort experienced during laser hair removal can vary depending on individual sensitivity and the treated area. Most people describe the sensation as a mild snapping or pinching feeling, similar to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. The treatment is generally well-tolerated, but some providers may offer topical numbing creams or cooling devices to enhance comfort during the procedure.

How many sessions of laser hair removal are needed?

Multiple sessions of laser hair removal are typically needed to achieve optimal results. Hair grows in cycles, and laser hair removal is most effective during the active growth phase. On average, 6 to 8 treatment sessions are recommended, spaced several weeks apart, to target hair during different growth cycles. However, the exact number of sessions required can vary depending on individual factors such as hair color, thickness, and the treated area.

How long does each laser hair removal session take?

The duration of each laser hair removal session depends on the size of the treatment area. Smaller areas such as the upper lip or underarms can take just a few minutes, while larger areas like the legs or back may take up to an hour. Your provider can give you a more accurate estimate during the consultation.

Can laser hair removal be performed on all skin types and hair colors?

Laser hair removal is most effective for individuals with darker hair and lighter skin tones because the laser targets the contrast between the hair pigment and the surrounding skin. However, advancements in laser technology have made it possible to treat a broader range of skin types and hair colors. It’s best to consult with a qualified provider who can assess your skin and hair characteristics to determine the most suitable treatment options for you.

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