Advanced Skin Care

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More increasingly men are seeking skin rejuvenation. An active lifestyle with exposure to sun and minimal preventative skin care contributes to the wrinkled, discolored, and aged skin that has men seeking treatment.  

Our surgeons prefer a multi-modality approach to natural facial rejuvenation for men. Optimal skin rejuvenation can be accomplished with the use of: 

  • Lasers
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling. 

These various resurfacing procedures can be tailored to variable degrees of intensity lending to more and less downtime.   Men have naturally thicker skin than women with more hair follicles which promotes quicker healing, allowing for more aggressive resurfacing procedures. 

The right resurfacing procedure can leave the

Men can look forward to improved skin tone, texture, color, pore size with fewer fine lines and wrinkles when a treatment plan is tailored to their needs. 

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