Given the frustrations of stubborn fat deposits unresponsive to diet or exercise, and even persistent when at your ideal weight it is no wonder that liposuction remains the most popular of all cosmetic procedures for both men and women. 

This targeted procedure to improve the body contours made irregular by excess fat accumulation is a safe and effective technique that combines artistry and science to mold your body.  

Liposuction is a body contouring technique, not a method of surgical weight reduction. And while large-volume Liposuction usually renders a noticeable and often dramatic improvement of the body contours, there is relatively little change in a patients’ actual weight post-operatively, since fat is less dense than a comparable volume of water.  We advise patients that a medically-supervised weight reduction program is most beneficial in cases of diffuse excess fatty deposits, in order to arrive at or near their ideal goal weight before Liposuction is done. 

The best results with liposuction are obtained in younger patients in whom the skin elasticity remains resilient, so that the skin will smoothly re-contour following the procedure. In some older patients, or in those with more long-standing localized fatty excess which has stretched the skin for a longer time period, the skin may be inelastic, and a skin tightening procedure may be required. Newer technologies and techniques are now available for such patients, and our surgeons are best able to discuss the relative  benefits and risks of each as they pertain to your anatomy in an in-person consultation. 

Liposuction has the benefit of a speedy recovery period marked by tiny incisions and a return to work or normal social activities in a few days with usage of compression garments to treated areas to diminish the amount of swelling.


  • The preferred procedure for fat removal of our surgeons being a precise, less traumatic fat removal process aided by a rapid-reciprocating handpiece that simultaneously separates fat during the suction process. 


  • Cutting edge technology using higher frequency ultrasonic energy to emulsify fat and allow for even more precise fat removal in thinner areas. Our surgeson see less swelling and bruising with its use and our patients see a faster recovery. 


  • As the name implies this procedure unlike traditional liposuction is performed without general anesthesia, where the instilled solution is modified for adequate local anesthesia so that the patient may remain awake for the procedure. A patient’s candidacy is best assessed in person as there are limitations to the amount of fat that can be removed in one setting that should be reconciled with a patient’s goals.

As board-certified plastic surgeons and experts in body contouring Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Pathak use their honed dexterity and cutting edge liposuction techniques to provide their patients with stunning results.  See for yourself here!