NJ Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Lift)

As we get older, our buttocks may begin to droop and sag like other areas of the body. Fortunately, like these other areas such as the breast and stomach, there are surgical options available for reversing these changes and returning to a tighter and firmer appearance in selected patients.

NJ Butt Lift

A NJ buttock lift can be done by lifting the buttocks from either above or below the buttock itself, sculpting it with liposuction, enlarging it with fat harvested from another area of your body or possibly a combination of the three approaches. Dr. Rosenberg does not recommend or place silicone buttock implants because he believes this is an operation with an excessively high complication rate.

The type of surgery performed will depend on the new look you desire. Buttock surgeries take into consideration the size, shape and skin quality of your buttocks, as well as the qualities that you desire after surgery. A lift is most often recommended after a large amount of weight loss, when there may be loose or excess skin. However, buttock lifts are not very common procedures because they leave a scar across the upper buttocks.

The actual procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery and usually takes 2-3 hours. Lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. Most patients can return to work after a week to ten days, but full healing will take several months. The risks of a buttock lift are similar to those of other cosmetic surgeries and may include infection, healing problems or fluid drainage.

Candidates for the New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift include individuals who have lost weight, would like to add contour to their bodies, or would simply like to have a fuller buttock area. Brazilian Lift is performed as an in-office procedure and can result in a fuller, rounder behind.

Both the area from which the fat is harvested and the treatment site are anesthetized with a tumescent anesthetic. Using a small needle attached to a syringe, fat is harvested from a donor site where your fat is most tightly packed, such as your abdomen or your inner thighs. It's all about moving the fat from where you don't want it to be, and placing it somewhere that you do. New techniques allow us to have up to a 70% survival rate for the harvested fat cells, and that means a much better result that will last.*

*Disclaimer: Surgical results are not guaranteed and vary greatly from patient to patient. 


Q: Where does the fat come from?

A: We generally take the fat from the lower abdomen, the inner thighs and the flank region.

Q: How long does the brazilian butt lift last?

A: The transplanted fat can lasts years because it is your own tissue. Some of the fat will be absorbed by your body, but one can reliably predict that the shape of your buttock mound visible at 3 months following surgery is likely to remain.

Q: How much fat is needed for the NJ brazilian butt lift?

A: The amount of fat will varies depending on the area being treated and the desired size. Dr. Rosenberg usually over-corrects by 20-30% with the understanding that some of the transplanted fat will dissolve or be reabsorbed by the patient's own body. This usually occurs in the first three months.

Q: What is the downtime after the brazilian butt lift?

A: Patients can return to work the next morning. There is some soreness in the area and you will not want to work out the treated area for about 2 weeks.


The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of several procedures more broadly known as fat transfer. In fat transfer procedures, fat is removed from the body and later reinjected into a more desirable location in the body.

Dr. Rosenberg performs Fat transfer procedures under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation (twilight anesthesia) on an ambulatory basis, meaning the patient returns home the same day. He injects tumescent anesthesia to allow for a painless procedure and to minimize bruising. Using tumescent liposuction, the fat is harvested from a donor site where your fat is most tightly packed, such as your lower abdomen or inner thighs.

Once harvested, your fat will go through a couple of separation processes to remove excess fluids. Dr. Rosenberg then injects the harvested fat using a special syringe and technique into the buttocks according to the areas marked prior to your going into the operating room. The volume of fat cells injected corresponds to the degree of buttock augmentation you desire and the placement of this fat is determined by the shape you desire and what you communicate with Dr. Rosenberg at your initial visit.

Harvesting the fat cells is often performed in conjunction with other procedures. For example, contouring liposuction of other areas such as the crease beneath the buttocks, the flanks and the lower back can result in even better definition and sculpting of the buttocks.

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