NJ Lip Silicone Removal

In their desire to achieve fuller and more youthful lips, many patients in New Jersey and throughout the country have unfortunately permitted unlicensed individuals claiming to be doctors from other countries, medical assistants, nurses or "beauty specialists" to inject various substances into their lips, often with disfiguring and sometimes disastrous results. These injections are usually performed in the back rooms of salons, hotel rooms and even the private homes and apartments of the people undergoing injections.

While many different substances have been identified following microscopic and chemical analysis after removal and often after arrest of these individuals and seizure of their supplies as evidence, the most common substance being injected is a chemical mixture containing liquid silicone and solvent agents. This material is not a pure medical grade of silicone as is used in the manufacture of breast implants and various other prostheses, but rather the type found in hardware stores and automotive supply chains.

Besides the potential toxic effects of these chemicals, the very presence of any injectable material placed too superficially or incorrectly in the tips can present a host of cosmetic and functional problems to patients. Clearly, patients with excessive foreign materials injected into their lips appear "fake" and deformed, often being ridiculed and mocked both to their faces and behind their backs. The internet is full of photographs of famous people who have become deformed and disfigured at the hands of one of these criminals, with before and after images documenting their natural beauty stolen from them, not to mention their smiles, their careers and self esteem.

Dr. Rosenberg has many years of experience with helping patients who present with deformities of the upper and lower lips (and other areas of the body) following injection of silicone. Using a technique he developed a decade ago, Dr. Rosenberg can often access a large portion of the injected material and the surrounding reactive and scar tissue and remove it with barely any visible evidence or external scar on the lip. The New Jersey lip silicone removal technique begins with the preoperative marking of the areas of excessive "lip show". Next, the patient is placed under anesthesia (usually intravenous sedation but sometimes general anesthesia) and local anesthesia is injected into the lip(s). An incision is made on the undersurface of the lip within the mouth and with careful dissection, a flap is generated until he arrives at the area where the silicone is located. Then, with the aid of loupe magnification (3.5X) to better visualize even the smallest fragments and droplets of silicone, the foreign material is carefully removed piece by piece from the body with minimal disturbance to the muscle of the lip or the overlying skin.

Though somewhat graphic and possibly disturbing to some, you can view Dr. Rosenberg performing some of the essential portions of the New Jersey lip silicone removal by clicking here: Dr. Rosenberg Lip Silicone Removal Video

Postoperatively, the patients do not experience any pain, but they can expect swelling and some bruising to persist for several weeks and some loss in sensation of the affected lip to persist for up to 6 months. Patients undergoing removal of lip silicone can look forward to restoration of a normal appearance of their lips. On occasion, Dr. Rosenberg can add fullness to areas of the lips needing additional volume after 3 months using the patient's own fat (autologous fat transfer) or one of the FDA approved fillers such as Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm. Patients are typically very happy with the process of silicone removal and can look forward to a more natural and attractive smile.

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*Disclaimer: Surgical results are not guaranteed and vary greatly from patient to patient. 

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